Vocational Education – Brawijaya University currently has 5 study programs:

  1. Diploma in Business Administration (3 years program)
  2. Diploma in Finance and Banking (3 years program)
  3. Diploma in Information Technology (3 years program)
  4. Bachelor of Applied Science Graphic Design
  5. Bachelor of Applied Science Hospitality Management

The entire study program above implements vocational-based learning with more practical learning portions. All study programs require students to take On Job Training (OJT) or internships in the industry for at least 1 semester. Our University will also provide students with a competency certificate to ensure the ease of getting a job after graduation.

We open opportunities for students from abroad to study at our school. We also offer student exchange programs, double degrees, and other activities such as summer courses, winter courses, etc. For more information about this program, you can contact via email (cc :

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