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The term Malang Raya covers the area of Malang City (Kota Malang), Batu City (Kota Batu) and Malang Regency (Kabupaten Malang). The area is scattered from the north (85 km from Surabaya) to the south (Hindian Ocean) and from the west and southwest a mountainous area with the peak of Mount Arjuno (3.339 m) and Mount Kawi (2.651 m), to the east a mountainous area with the peak of Mount Semeru (3.676 m) and Mount Bromo (2.392 m). This type of landscape and elevation results in a mild climate with an average temperature of 27°C. The daily average temperature is 31°C (24-33°C) and the night average temperature is 26°C (22-29°C) which varies between seasons (dry and rainy seasons).

The tropical climate of Malang Raya with significant rainfall throughout the year is a good combination for agriculture. The highland of Batu city and Malang regency produce a variety of fruits, vegetables, and flowers and has been a major area for tea plantation since the Dutch colonial. The lowland of Malang regency produces rice, corn, cassava, and sugarcane. Malang city grows as a center for trade and industries.

Malang is the second-largest city in the Province of East Java, Indonesia. Located on a plateau with a mild climate, beautiful sceneries, attractive tourism objects, traditional Javanese artistry, and friendly locals, Malang becomes a favorite destination for vacation, traveling, sightseeing, or even staying.

Malang is also known as one of the cities of education since it has various schools and universities that have been trusted to create high-quality graduates. Numerous students who come from various regions in Indonesia and even from abroad choose Malang as a nice place for their studies.

Temperature 22.4 – 30.2 °C
Area 252.10 km²
Population 866.118
Language Indonesian, Javanese

Malang Fun, Facts, and Food

Those who come to Malang will be greeted by the hospitality of the people of Malang, who are part of the Javanese people. They are humble and love to smile at anyone, even foreigners. The people especially love to see foreigners and view them like celebrities. Sometimes the people will even ask to take pictures together.

Most of the food tastes salty, hot, and spicy. For those who have sensitive stomachs, it is highly suggested to bring medication. In Malang, there are many culinary destinations that serve delicious dishes such as cwi mie Malang (noodles), bakso (meatballs), nasi goreng (fried rice), tempe goreng (fried soy bean cake), rawon (black beef soup), soto (clear beef or chicken soup), and others.

People in Malang prefer to use motorcycles for daily transportation. Numerous motorcycles are found in every street in Malang, and motorcycles are the king of the streets. A driving license for motorcycles is required for riding.

The majority of Malang residents are Muslims who start their activities from 4:30 AM at the time of morning prayers before they rush to their offices and work, usually from 8 AM to 4 PM.

Travel & Transportation

Local Transportation

Public transportation, taxis, or online transportation (GOJEK and GRAB) are available transportation options to the campus. Public transportation in Malang is called ANGKOT (microbuses with blue vehicles). These microbuses serve limited routes to reach certain destinations in Malang and are not available all day, while taxi or online transportation is available all day and can reach any public destination in Malang.

Domestic Travel

While studying in Malang, it may be desired to explore and enjoy other beautiful and unique tourist destinations in Indonesia. The following are the recommended and trusted travel agent websites for travel and adventure around Indonesia:

Tourist Destinations


  1. Kampung Warna Warni
  2. Kampung Arema
  3. Kayutangan Street
  4. Aloon – Aloon
  5. Ijen Street Billboard


  1. Malang Mask Dance – Pakisaji
  2. Wayang Wong Performance
  3. Singosari Temple – Singosari
  4. Sumberawan Temple – Singosari
  5. Badut Temple
  6. Batik – Celaket


  1. Balekambang Beach
  2. Goa Cina Beach
  3. Sendang Biru Beach
  4. Mount Kawi
  5. Mount Bromo

Museums and Zoos

  1. Brawijaya Museum
  2. Museum Satwa (in Batu)
  3. Batu Secret Zoo (in Batu)
  4. Transportation Museum (in Batu)

Shopping for Groceries

  1. MATOS (Malang Town Square)
  2. Transmart
  3. MOG (Malang Olympic Garden)

Campus Life and Accommodation

The Brawijaya University campus covers approximately fifty-one hectares of land in the western part of Malang. The shape of the main entrance is inspired by the architecture of the Majapahit Kingdom. The campus has a well-designed layout of roads and buildings and is decorated with a variety of plants, making it green, clean, and beautiful.

Brawijaya University is not just about academics. Getting involved in the social life on campus will lead to a well-rounded university experience. Social involvement will also help to enhance existing skills while also developing some hidden ones such as leadership, interpersonal relations, communication, public speaking, and time management. This is an opportunity to build a good professional network even before graduation.

Students are highly recommended to socialize and build relationships with others.

For accommodation, there are several alternatives:

Griya Brawijaya and Griya Kertabhumi Dormitory

Brawijaya University offers a beneficial and comfortable place to stay at the Campus Dormitory. It is located within the campus area at affordable prices. The dorms include facilities such as a cafeteria, hot water, Wi-Fi, and meeting rooms. These dorms are also close to the major shopping centers of Matos (Malang Town Square) and Transmart Mall to fulfill daily needs.

Boarding houses & Rented houses

Another alternative to staying during the study is to rent a house or boarding house, which is available in the neighborhoods near the campus area such as Watugong Street, Ketawanggede, Sumbersari, and Gajayana Street.

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