Developing Rural using Art : Shanghai Rural Art Festival 2023

Learning From Design Department Teachers of Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, rural areas as an opportunity for competitiveness. collaboration on art and village life can be a special attraction, especially for the general public. Shanghai University continues to promote art design to empower rural revitalization. This is interesting because if we try to see how Malang City is one of the cities that will become a creative city can see how art can become a bridge to revitalize rural areas. Malang itself has more than 378 villages that have great potential to be developed.

During the Exhibition: Modern Fields: 2023 New Shanghai Rural Art Festival which took place on March 3 – 31, 2023, at the Greenhouse Art Museum in Jianghai Village, Nanqiao Town, Fengxian District. Based on the first exhibition, this activity has been expanded into five sections “Greenhouse Art Exhibition, Design Empowerment, Course Linkage, Local Creation, and Aesthetic Education to the Countryside”. More than 40 groups of works and multiple activities are distributed in the Greenhouse Art Museum, Aesthetic Education Laboratories, rural design service stations, and fields. Artists and designers also try to create a new cultural and entertainment field for the rural residents around the metropolis to “return to the field, return to home, return to art, return to heart” As General Secretary Xi Jinping’s said that relying on agricultural and rural characteristic resources, seeking benefits from the development of multiple functions of agriculture and tapping the multiple values of rural areas.

The creation of a new Shanghai-style rural environment not only imbues the culture of Shanghai with contemporary values and characteristics but also presents a fresh approach to sparking innovation and energy in the urban economy. This approach facilitates communication between the rural and urban communities via an imperceptible cultural network, strengthens and sustains the urban community, and carries on contemporary cultural values. By using “Modern” as a medium of cultural exchange, art and design can serve as a catalyst for both urban and rural regeneration and can weave a novel cultural fabric for the city of Shanghai.

In Malang City recent years, the local government has implemented various programs aimed at improving infrastructure, increasing access to education and healthcare, and supporting the development of local businesses in rural areas. There have also been initiatives to preserve and promote traditional cultural practices and festivals, which contribute to the cultural and economic vitality of rural communities. art can be a good approach to achieving the same goal as that of the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts.

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