International Relations Office (IRO)


In alignment with the Government’s aim to increase the number of international students in Indonesian higher education and elevate universities to world-class status, the Ministry of Education has taken steps to promote internationalization. Per Ministry of Education Regulation No. 26/2007 and Government Regulation no. 17 of 2010, the Bureau of Planning and International Cooperation (BPKLN) urges universities to establish International Offices.

In 2010, the Ministry of Education invited BPKLN and Indonesian universities to establish International Offices, with support from the Directorate General of Higher Education through seminars on University Internationalization in October 2010. In accordance with Universitas Brawijaya’s (UB) Strategic Plan and with full backing from the Rector, efforts to internationalize UB and transform it into a World-Class University are underway. As a result, the International Office of Universitas Brawijaya (IOUB) was established through Rector’s Decree No. 268/SK/2011 dated May 18, 2011.

The International Relations Office (IRO) is a specialized unit within the vocational faculty that acts as the agent of IO UB and assists the dean in enhancing all activities related to internationalization. The International Relations Office of the Vocational Faculty UB is headed by Dr. A. Faidlal Rahman, SE.Par., M.Sc., CHE., and the secretary is appointed by the Dean of the Vocational Faculty through Decree No. 092/SK/Year 2022. The establishment of IRO Vocational Faculty UB reflects the commitment of Vocational UB to global engagement as a world-class vocational education institution.

The primary functions of the International Office of Vocational UB include forging partnerships and agreements with various international institutions, managing inbound and outbound mobility of Vocational UB, and collaborating with the International Office of Brawijaya University to support Brawijaya University’s journey to become a world-class institution .

To become a globally recognized hub for internationalization, fostering cross-cultural exchange and collaboration, while propelling Vocational UB towards excellence on the world stage.

1. Facilitate the establishment of strategic partnerships and agreements with international institutions to enrich the educational experience and opportunities for Vocational UB students and faculty.
2. Manage inbound and outbound mobility programs to promote cultural immersion, academic exchange, and global perspectives among Vocational UB stakeholders.
3. Foster a conducive environment for international collaboration, research, and knowledge exchange through joint-degree programs, research partnerships, and participation in international conferences and events.
4. Engage with local and international communities to address societal challenges, promote sustainable development, and contribute to global citizenship through meaningful community engagement initiatives.
5. Continuously evaluate and enhance the effectiveness of internationalization efforts, guided by best practices and feedback from stakeholders, to ensure alignment with the strategic goals and vision of Vocational UB.

Service Focus
The International Relations Office (IRO) also supports the strategic role of Vocational UB in fulfilling the Three Pillars of Higher Education at the international level, namely Teaching, Research, and Community Engagement. The International Office endeavors to integrate these values into its activities, which include:
1. Teaching: Joint-degree and dual-degree programs, twinning programs, joint teaching initiatives, public lectures, international workshops, seminars, and training sessions.
2. Research: Collaborative research projects, joint publications, international journals, participation in international conferences, and hosting international student conferences.
3. Community Engagement: Industry visits for international students, student exchanges with universities abroad, community empowerment projects, and social initiatives.

Organizational structure

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